Driving Safely with a Trailer

If you are heading out on a summer camping trip or a day at the lake with your camper or boat in tow, it is important to be aware of the safe methods for driving to ensure you arrive at your destination safely. Here are tips for driving with a trailer on the roads this summer.

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Make sure your tow is safe and secure prior to heading out. Make a quick check on your equipment and never tow more than your vehicle capacity.

  • Drive at moderate speeds.
  • Avoid sudden stops, you do not want skidding or jack knifing.
  • Make wider turns.
  • Allow more distance for braking. It will take longer for your trailer/vehicle to slow down to a stop.
  • Be extra alert for the need to slow.
  • Make sure you allow for enough space to pass or merge in front of a vehicle.
  • If you are backing up, use a guide. Back up slowly, there are many blind spots.
  • Ensure the towing job has proper weight distribution.
  • When driving at night, make sure all of your lights are working.
  • Double your lights. Towed vehicles should have brake lights, tail lights and turn signals.
  • Check your tire pressure before heading out.
  • Choose the correct hitch, weight-carrying or weight-distributing hitch.
  • Practice backing up, turning and getting everything hitched up in an empty parking lot before heading out to the freeway.

Source: How Stuff Works

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