Spring Safe Driving

Spring is (officially!) here. Last Friday marked the start to the season of flowers and rain showers. As we enter a new season, it is important to consider your driving. Here are six things to keep in mind when hitting the road this spring.

1. Pack your sunglasses! Don’t be caught off guard on sunny days, keep a pair of sunglasses in your car. Sun glare and squinting can negatively impact your driving and distract you behind the wheel.

2. Keep your distance. Make sure to keep the “3 second following rule” in mind. Especially in wet weather, it can be dangerous to be too close to the car in front of you. Being able to stop safely is important.

3. Maintain your vehicle. The winter months can cause wear and tear on your vehicle. Make sure to get an oil change, tire check and check your wiper blades and fluids. Visit our previous blog post for more on spring cleaning your car.

5. Watch out for pedestrians. The warmer temperatures will bring out more walkers, bikings, and runners. Kids will be playing outside more and motorcycle riders may be out riding more often. Keep on the alert for people and also animals as they will be out more during the springtime.

6. Be careful on slick roads. Wet roadways can be slippery and can cause hydroplaning and other problems. Look out for potholes that could be covered by water  and slow down your speeds.

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