Staying Alert While Driving at Night

Driving at night can be uncomfortable and frightening for many drivers. There are many precautions that you should take to increase your vision and stay safe on the dark roads.

Accidents resulting in death are 3x higher during the night than during daytime. Below we discuss the facts and tips for being safe on the road in the dark.

Source: Mountain Shuttle

Why is driving at night more dangerous?

  • Vision: Without sunlight, depth perception, peripheral vision and color recognition drastically decrease. 90% of a drivers reaction depends on vision. At night many drivers have decreased vision which can affect safe driving.
  • Impaired driving
  • Wildlife

How can I increase visibility at night?

  • Regular maintenance: Make sure your headlights, taillights, and windows are clean and working. Also clean your mirrors and windshields. During the night you may see more streaks that can cause glare. Make sure your headlights are properly aligned.
  • Use your lights: Turn headlights on one hour before dusk and keep them on until one hour after sunrise. It will make it easier for other drivers to see you.
  • Follow defensive driving tactics: Watch your speed and leave plenty of space between your car and the car in front of you.

How can I be a better night driver?

  • Stay awake: Never drive when you are intoxicated or drowsy. Instead of focusing on a single area of the road constantly keep your eyes moving and scanning. Stop and rest if you need to.
  • Check your vision: Drivers between 18-60 should get their eyes checked every two years. Make sure you have your contacts or glasses with you if you need them to drive.
  • Watch the line: If another cars’ headlights are blinding you, look to the right side to the white line on the road.


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